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Hi, I'm Erica James!

Travel Advisor, Blogger and Podcast Host

I help real people with real jobs and real budgets travel well by exceeding their expectations without exceeding their budget by providing value-added vacation packages and outstanding customer service.

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What My Clients Says

My name is Elaina Woods, Jamaica has always been a dream trip of mine. God and Erica James made that dream a reality. I was so blessed to be able to vacation in Jamaica August 7-11, 2017. Erica booked me at the most beautiful all-inclusive resort. The room and the view was just breathtaking, the food was absolutely delicious. The staff was awesome. Erica called and checked on me and my friend before we left and called us when we got back. She prepared us for this trip answering every question we had. Our Itinerary was so professional. I am a very hard to please. But all I can say is WOW! Erica James is the best, and I highly recommend her. God bless you Erica and Thank you for everything. You will be the only travel agent I will ever use.

Elaina Woods,

Portland, Tennessee

P.O. Box 281044

Nashville, TN  37228

Phone: 615-405-2167


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